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Google Ad Grants

We help nonprofits get the most out of the world’s most generous CSR program, with up to 120,000 USD a year to advertise for on Google. If you don’t get the ad credit, you don’t pay. Starting at £99 per month.
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Google's share of the digital advertising market

Why advertise on Google?

Google is the world’s most important marketing channel and takes home a third of all digital ad spend. And that makes sense, since Google has a market share well above 90% throughout Europe and nearly 60,000 searches happen every second.

Traffic coming from Google is not just plentiful, but also highly relevant, since visitors are actively looking for what the site content. This makes advertising on Google incredibly effective. For many companies it is the channel with by far the highest return and hence that’s where they put the lion’s share of their marketing budget.


of nonprofits plan to increase their investment in digital

What is Google Ad Grants?

While businesses spend vast amounts to be seen, Google gives nonprofits up to 10,000 USD per month to use for advertising in the Google search results. 

Since the (paid) ads are taking up more and more space, at the expense of the organic (non-paid) search results, this is a fantastic opportunity for nonprofits to reach thousands of people every month who have shown an active interest in the organisation’s issues. Read more about what you can accomplish with Google Ad Grants here


Why Cannolo?

Google has strict requirements that need to be met in order for the ad credit to be given out. To really get the most out of the grant you need deep knowledge about how Google Ads works. 

At Cannolo, we have built out expertise within Google Ads by driving tens of millions of euros in sales for some of the most successful e-commerce companies in Sweden. We use the same strategies to help you reach your goals – whether that be higher revenues, more volunteers, new members, subscribers to your newsletter or something completely different. 

Our fee in EUR if you don't get Google Ad Grants

Our offer

First, we help you apply for Google Ad Grants. If you are eligible, we then create effective, high-performing ad campaigns while making sure that your account continues to meet Google’s requirements so you don’t lose the grant. If you don’t get any money, we won’t charge you. 

After that, we continuously optimise the account so that you maximise the results of your advertising. We help you set goals and relevant KPIs (number of new members, donations in EUR etc.) and report the results back to you every month, so that you can easily see the impact of the advertising. 

What do you want to achieve?

Tell the world about your work and control the message

When people seek our information about something, they turn to Google. When they look for something that concerns the work you do, make sure they get to hear your story.

Raise more money for your programmes

The amount of donated to charities are increasing year after year, primarily driven by individual giving online. In order to benefit from this willingness to contribute, it’s important to be where the donors are – and to be there right at the moment when their interest peaks. 

begin their job search on Google

Recruit more employees and volunteers

Reach more and highly relevant candidates with new vacancies and volunteer possibilities – without paying for any advertising space.

Attract new members

There are countless people out there who identity with your organisation, without even knowing that you exist. When they research your issues, in order to get help or learn more, make sure to be there for them and explain you value. 

Sign up more people to your newsletter

Email marketing is highly effective but you need a database of email addresses. Build your database through incoming traffic from Google and use these lists to create engagement through email or by using the lists for marketing via other channels, such as social media. 

Gain valuable insights about your target group

Google Ads is a great tool to gain insights about your work due to all the data being generated. You advertise on specific keywords, but get access to all the actual search phrases people used to find you. You can then use these insights to create informational guides, blog posts and opinion pieces, pitch journalists about a rising interest and so on. The possibilities are endless.

On top of this, you get data about what messaging works best in your ads. Do people donate more if you ask for a contribution upfront or if you use more informational copy to peak an interest and get people to the site? Do you get more volunteer applications if you highlight the community aspect, the career possibilities or the impact of the work? We set up A/B tests for different combinations of keywords and ad texts report the insights back to you. 

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